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Ice-dazzling buckle heat dissipation magnetic metal phone case

Ice-dazzling buckle heat dissipation magnetic metal phone case

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Crafted with precision and elegance, behold the epitome of sophistication - the Ice-Dazzling Buckle Heat Dissipation Magnetic Metal Phone Case. Its sleek silver, grey, and titanium hues add an air of refinement to any iPhone, be it 15, 14, 13, or 12 series. Countless hours of engineering have culminated in this case's incomparable heat dissipation, ensuring your device remains cool and undisturbed amidst daily commotions. With a magnetically secure buckle, it embraces your phone with utmost protection and expedience, amplifying both style and functionality. Prepare to showcase your impeccable taste with this exquisite accessory.

Material:Aluminum alloy material+PC


Style:Anti-fingerprint/Magnetic/Anti-fall/Aluminum alloy

Model:Iphone 15/Iphone 15 Pro/Iphone 15 Pro Max/Iphone 14/Iphone 14 Pro/Iphone 14 Pro Max/Iphone 13/Iphone 13 Pro/Iphone 13 Pro Max/Iphone 12/Iphone 12 Pro/Iphone 12 Pro Max

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