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New leather metal aromatherapy phone case

New leather metal aromatherapy phone case

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Enhance your smartphone experience with the innovative leather metal aromatherapy phone case. Crafted from high-quality leather, this case fits seamlessly with your iPhone15, Iphone15 Pro, Iphone15 Pro Max, Iphone14, Iphone14 Pro, Iphone14 Pro Max, Iphone13, Iphone13 Pro, and Iphone13 Pro Max. The case's sleek design offers excellent protection while emitting a soothing aroma, providing a unique sensory experience. Available in Brown and Black, it combines style and functionality for the modern smartphone user.

Material:Aluminum alloy material+Leather


Style:Anti-fingerprint/Magnetic/Anti-fall/Aluminum alloy/Leather

Model:Iphone 15/Iphone 15 Pro/Iphone 15 Pro Max/Iphone 14/Iphone 14 Pro/Iphone 14 Pro Max/Iphone 13/Iphone 13 Pro/Iphone 13 Pro Max

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